arungaEsther Arunga and her husband Quincy Timberlake are under investigation by Australian authorities after the mysterious death of their 3 year old son.

According to a TV news report from Australia’s channel 7 news, the 3 year old boy was said to be playing with his two year old sibling when he fell down the stairs. His parents thought that the injuries were not so serious and so they just gave the poor boy panadol and put him to bed. Things took a woeful twist as the boy’s condition worsened prompting Esther and Quincy to call the medics. The boy however sadly succumbed to the injuries while being attended to by medics.

Esther and Quincy have both been taken in for questioning by the Australian police.

Here is that footage


The story has got social media going a buzz, with Kenyans weighing in with their opinions. Here are some comments

Hannibal ‏@mokayah says:

“Esther Arunga’s kid fell from the stairs and she gave him panadol? WTF?”

Sam Nyamweya ‏@PrezdaNyamweya :

“I have no problem with Esther Arunga. As long as she gives birth to another Divock Origi in Australia, then bring him to play for Kenya.”

Mark Bichachi ‏@MarkBichachi :

“I don’t buy the whole Esther Arunga’s son being dead thing…. Unless I see Esther’s face and she says it.”

Jaber Rambanya ‏@jayachichi :

“If you think you have problems then acquaint yourself with Esther Arunga and pray for her forget your problems.”

#Origi ‏@erastu:

“Esther Arunga first killed her true self, then her career and now her son..arrest this serial killer.”

David Mugo ‏@raidarmax: 

“Nothing confirms that it is Esther Arunga in that video. Please stop spreading unconfirmed stories.”