moAn employee of celebrity couple DJ Mo and Size 8, has revealed what it is like to work for them in a sensational letter.

Stivo Gichboy, a deejay and graphic designer at Dj Mo’s entertainment company System Unit paid tribute and appreciated them pointing out Dj Mo as a father and a brother and Size8 as his female figure of all times.

Here’s that full letter

He is not just a DJ, but also a caring, kind, commanding, aspiring, person. He is the only person in my life who can act as a father and at the same time, a brother. He is a DJ, but funny enough, together with his wife SIZE 8 Reborn who also is MY FEMALE FIGURE OF ALL TIMES, and she is a renown gospel artist, they mentored me to become a graphics designer.

Truly God uses people around you to bless you and i am really happy that he used this lovely Power couple. I work at System Unit, an Entertainment company owned by DJ MO, but most of the times i forget that he is my boss, i always work for him as a brother, and respect him as my father. As for now i have a big family, ‪#‎SystemUnitFamily‬, brought together by the love of God, and God’s work.

Through this love, he has managed to bring together young people (Artists, DJs, Business people, MCs, etc.) from different backgrounds, and made them equal by giving them a platform to showcase their talent. He has taught me humility, hard work, commitment, patience just to mention a few, which are the key traits you need to have in order to be successful. I have always wanted to be a Gospel Deejay and yes i am a skilled DJ but he showed me that there is more than DJing in me.

If you are an artist, you want to be the best artist in town, but your song is just pathetic, he wont hide it from you, he will tell you straight to your face, Your song is bad, please try again. If you know how to take advice from people, you’ll appreciate, but if you don’t, you will go home saying Dj MO ni mbaya or ananionea. I congratulate him for being 2010, 2013 & 2014 DJ Of The Year Groove Awards, and 2010 USA Talanta DJ Of the Year. (Maybe next will be a Grammy). Just for those few words, all i can tell you guys, learn to appreciate the people who have made a Positive impact in your Lives. Be Blessed.