diamond1Diamond Platnumz has undoubtedly grown to become an African giant in the music industry. His success can be highly attributed to his talent but there is one person Diamond reckons played a big part in his music, President Jakay Kikwete.

The MAMA Awards nominee and the Tanzanian Head of State, have in several state functions been spotted together but the relationship goes beyond that. Mr Jakaya helped Diamond get what looks like a much needed connection with a certain undisclosed music supporter. The move prompted the Number One hitmaker to take to social media to express his gratitude to His Excellency.

Here’s what he posted

Where will you get a President who sacrifices his precious time that almost everyone of us wishes to have and uses that time to help you meet and get connections with one of the biggest Music supporters in the Planet inorder to just make sure you reach and achieve your goals… What more can I say other than A big Thank you to Mr.President… God keep showering you with endless blessings and stand by you throughout your ruling…”

He also shared photo dining with the president. Check it out