denThere has been a lot of tension in the country following Sunday’s Mpeketoni attacks.
What was generally agreed to be a terrorist attack took a political angle, with statements from the likes of Moses Kuria and surprisingly the president himself not helping the matter.

We all know how fragile our nation is, yet for whatever reason, we never learnt our lesson 6 years ago.
One person keeping a sober mind in all this is Dennis Itumbi. On Wednesday, he wrote on Facebook urging Kenyans not to hold demos as allegedly planned.

Here’s the post.

Now am told by several people that there will be a number of demo’s in various towns tomorrow….my express message is, let us not go that road.

Kenya good people belongs to us all. The dream of growing our economy, creatively addressing our challenges and embracing our successes can only be realized if we are peaceful and calm.

Responding by threatening others is living with the same poison of hatred, the Nation should respond with love.

As for Cord, it would be fair to suspend the rallies and cool down the political temperatures.

To the youth of Kenya kindly keep off the demos.

Neither Cord or Jubilee politicians have their children or families in the demos – why should you be involved in a shouting match between politicians.

My appeal to you, let’s stop adding fuel to a political fire whose flames are already hot.

Let us instead redirect our energies in seeking our share of Uwezo Fund, 30% Procurement plan and all.

We are strong as a people of Kenya because we resist provocation.

I am sure those responsible will be brought to book…Please let’s calm down.

Kenya is on an upward trajectory, let us not be angered by the actions of criminals to slow that progress.

God Bless You and keep You