ckKenyan is a nation of rumours and false reports. We do our best to give accurate accounts, but some of our brothers in the blogosphere threw caution to the winds years ago.

Last week, we posted photos of Chris Kirubi driving a Ferrari. We stated clearly that the car belonged to his friend in Ivory Coast. Here’s what we said.

Some time last year, billionaire businessman was in Abidjan (Ivory Coast) for a conference organized for SMEs and budding entrepreneurs.
It turns out the guy’s friends in high places stretch way beyond Kenya’s borders.

He was hosted by Alexandra Amon, a successful entreprenuer and TV producer in the West African country.

Among his buddies, there is one Kader ‘Young’ Kacou, a flamboyant businessman who owns among other things a Ferrari and a boat.
DJ CK was lucky to ride in both and we have photos.
As the junior blogs picked up the story in droves, the information was distorted. It was even claimed that Kirubi had bought a Ferrari.
Yesterday, one Twitter user took the ‘scoop’ to the billionaire, and the answer was not the kindest.

Perhaps the Ferrari @tweedzvidz was referring to was this one we reported two months ago.


or this Lamborghini that passed through JKIA 2 years ago destined for Uganda.