Machakos People’s Park seems to be the place to be. Besides from it’s aesthetic beauty and calming aura, the park also boasts of a top notch CCTV monitoring Centre to ensure maximum security for it’s revellers.

Over the Madaraka weekend, the Park played host to a Kenyan Brazilian festival to usher in the FIFA World cup. Dubbed Brazil2Macha, the event saw thousands make their way to Machakos County to experience the Brazilian feel. Besides the County ensuring the entertainment was in check, security was the top priority.

In an effort to bolster civilian confidence in the security of the park, the County through social media posted photos of the monitoring centre at work.


Security is at its best for ‪#‎Brazil2Macha‬ at ‪#‎MachakosPeoplesPark‬. 35 CCTV Cameras are monitoring each & everythn happenin within the park. Also, Both outside and and inside the park are Kenya Security organs assisted by Machakos Inspectorate and private companies like Radar Security.

These photos were taken a few minutes ago from the CCTV Monitoring Center at the park.

Feel secure as you enjoy the evening.‪#‎Peace‬

Check out the photos





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