mutCaroline Mutoko has joined the long list of public figures at loggerhead with the Kenyan Daily Post. The Kiss 100 morning host was angered by a story that alleged she had blasted President Uhuru, “while wishing it was Raila on the seat.”

The well shared post claimed that Mutoko said that Uhuru visits Central region for development purposes but other regions for political rallies, funerals and homecoming parties.

Here’s an excerpt..

“She noted that Uhuru Kenyatta visits other regions for funerals, homecomings or to look for votes but all his energies are focused on developing his backyard at the expense of the rest of Kenya.
In her conclusion, Mutoko deduced that Uhuru;
1.        Visits Nyanza for funerals
2.      Visits Rift Valley for political rallies and to quell political temperatures
3.      Visits Coast for relaxing
4.      Visits Western for homecoming parties and to eat
5.      Visits Central to launch development projects
6.      Visit Eastern for funerals
7.      Never visits North Eastern at all
8.     Visits Nairobi just to sleep
Mutoko wished former Prime Minister Raila Odinga was President because by now every corner of Kenya would be thriving with development projects.”
Angered by the story, the radio host took to Facebook to set the record straight.
This is what she wrote.

Rasan Warah has just called my attention to this item. The lengths Timothy Obare Rioba will go to get page views is shocking.

I haven’t been in the country since last week Friday. I flew in last night at 12:30am and to see that some nutcase has taken it upon themselves to write a malicious piece of trash and assign my name to it is sad.

To President Uhuru Kenyatta, who I respect, to William Ruto his deputy and Raila Odinga who has every right to express himself as he wishes – my most sincere apologies if you were offended by this piece of garbage.

However – I am confident that you did dismiss it for the trash that it is because you haven’t reached out to me in any way- which means you knew it was rubbish all along.

Rasan- bless you for calling my attention to it.
Timothy Obare Rioba and your crew: find other ways to get page views. And invest in a little fact checking before posting junk.

From the over 200 comments that followed that story on Daily Post, it seems Caroline Mutoko will have a hard task convincing Kenyans she did not say all that.