East Africa’s finest, Diamond and Miss Tanzania 2006 Wema Sepetu are said to be the hottest celebrity couple in the region dwarfing the likes of Nameless and Wahu. The relationship has not been the smoothest of rides, with constant on and offs.

Word has been going round recently that the couple would be walking the aisle very soon, allegations which Wema came out and rubbished through social media.

However, a prominent astrologer in Tanzania, Maalim Hassan Yahya Hussein has foretold the country’s biggest celebrity wedding between Diamond and Wema in August which is a month shy.

According to the astrologer, the two have to get married in August as according to the ‘readings of the stars” it is the only appropriate month. He also insisted that the two should be married in Tanzania and if they don’t get hitched in August, they will have to wait for 2016 as their marriage can only happen during an even year.

Enough said…