Sunday was International Fathers day and those lucky enough had time to spend with their fathers. As many celebrated the Fathers Day in style, former BBA contestant Ann Mbaru was reminiscing on the good times she had with her dad. She revealed that she was feeling ‘emotional’ as the day reminded her of a lost loved one and this is what she posted:

Happy Fathers Day Don’t be fooled by smile, I’m too emotional today. Kindly be happy your father’s are alive… I truly miss the love of my life Mr. Stephen Gitara Mbaru. It’s so weird how he passed away a month after my brother and I graduated in 2011. Words will never explain the remorse I’m embracing. It is well with my soul oooo… My daddy raised me up to be a lady of substance. He was strict oooo… And I thank him for that, because I learnt what humility was all about… Respect your parents my lovlies. You don’t know what you have until it’s gone. It’s been almost 2 years since my papa left us. My dad’s death made my nuclear family get closer… Hehe it’s beautiful to be the only girl and last born.
I’m the egg of the family such is life. Embracing death is hard but God’s timing is perfect timing. A toast to all the daddy’s and baby daddy’s out there. I honestly pray to marry a gentleman like my father