You’ve heard a million stories about Masaku 7s and the After Party. Most of these revolve around taking forever to get there.

I can confirm that they are true. Many had planned to depart Nairobi on Saturday afternoon, having in mind that a drive to Machakos is normally one or so hours. It was perfectly logical for someone to leave the city at 2pm and hope to be there by 4. As they say, the conditions change when you do your practicals, theory may refuse to hold.

6 hours later, Nairobians who did not know the ‘panya routes’ were still trying to get to the land of Alfred Mutua. Vehicles were most of the time stationary, with no space even to reverse.

To cut the long story short, by the time some guys were getting to Machakos, the after 7s party was over and they were left with no option but to refuel their previously full tanks and join the traffic queue to Nairobi.

Some guys however parked their vehicles and went to sleep.