Many probably remember Wawesh for his smash hit “wawesh ni mjanja” that had catchy lyrics and incredible production.

Wawesh whose real name is Robert Kiboy has not been vocal. However he is the brains behind incredible music production in Kenya for artistes such as the ace boys band, Sauti Sol, Jaguar, Muthoni the Drummer Queen, and Juliani.

If polls were taken to identify the best producers in Kenya, Wawesh would be the least mentioned since very few know of his art. Below is a sampled list of videos produced by Wawesh. Check them out and tell if he falls among the ‘dopest’ producers in Kenya.

Rabbit-Bado Nakupenda

Bamzigi- Mutumia (Murogi)

Juliani- Red Black and Green.

Muthoni the DQ- Mikono Kwenye Hewa.

Sauti Sol – Comming Home

Jaguar – Kigeugeu