tonyOn Wednesday night, Jeff Koinange hosted political strategist Tony Gachoka on his show.

It was one of his most heated yet, with the former die hard Jubilee supporter coming out to criticize the government in the harshest words possible. There was some kind of consensus among viewers that the guest was drunk.

Though he is generally a loud speaker, he was particularly hyper.

Towards the end of the show, he stood up and left, leaving Jeff in stitches. He said he was in a hurry, and no one thought he would return 2 minutes later. That’s exactly what he did.

The most logical explanation, working with the ‘almost fact’ that he was drunk, is that he had gone to pee. Alcohol is not always kind on the bladders.

Jeff being Jeff, asked him whether he was drunk, but Tony did not confirm. “Do I look drunk?” he replied.

Here’s that video of the walk out.