diaI had a lot of respect for Gospel singer Willy Paul, but a considerable amount of that disappeared on Friday during the Trend. The guy has transformed himself from a promising young star to a Diamond wannabe.

Some months back, it was reported that Diamond and Willy Paul were going to have a collabo but that did not materialize. It’s therefore clear that Willy Paul has always looked up to his Tanzanian counterpart.

That admiration has however now developed to imitation. On Friday during the popular late night show, Willy Paul unveiled his new dance moves, which many found to closely resemble Diamond’s.

It did not stop there. It turned out he has given himself another name – Msafi. This is apparently because he has been reborn. If you remember well, Diamond is known as Wasafi.

Perhaps it goes down to the advice or lack of it he is getting.

He would have been forgiven for all the above, but the response he gave when asked about the obvious imitation proved that his maturity is still wanting, probably even for a 19 year old.

Here are some comments from Kenyans, and the video thereafter.

Willy Paul should be original and not copy diamond’s style or dance moves..Oh and get rid of the accent, English wasn’t just meant for you – @wambugu_alfred

stop confusing.That was not Willy Paul on #thetrend, it was diamond. ryt? – @TheHAMFU

willy paul Bongo, willy paul msafi, Diamond wasafii, th latest msq beats and style same as Diamond, th guy is copyin Diamond #theTrend – @cedrilee

@Bryooh: haha willy paul anaweka mdomo kama diamond. lol #theTrendLate msafi


Hahaha Willy paul trying to be Diamond..well that mouth stunt failed terribly – ‏@__Dendai

And he tried pulling a skelewu:-)”@nasra_bby: willy paul wants to be diamond so bad LMAO #thetrend” – @awesomefranky1


I dint know Willy Paul hutry kuwa kama Diamond bt this song tells it all. Ni such a Diamond wanabe. Lol #theTrendLate – @Keisha_baibe

Willy Paul is performing on behalf of Diamond Platinuz but in gospel version. – @Patrick_Rianga


There is a fine line between Inspiration and Imitation. Willy Paul, there can only be one Diamond Platinumz. #theTrend – @RFerucci

Wololo willy paul ni diamond wannabe @mwendeeh_ ati cute? – @crismielove


Willy Paul is just copying Diamond…..now calling himself Msafi,just like Diamonds Wasafi – @kimmsimon

One bad thing about Willy Paul is his aspect of trying to emulate Diamond in everything #Thetrend – @Holi_KE