Last week, university students took to the streets to demonstrate fee hike. The demonstration however turned chaotic as students or alleged students started looting and robbing passengers.
After the crisis, an popular blog went ahead and made an article that claimed Caroline Mutoko said UON graduates would not be employed at Radio Africa as they were goons. The article went on to further to state that the radio queen was displeased by the students who nearly stoned her car during the demonstration.
The radio presenter however denied that in this Facebook post.

“The saddest thing about people who lie and lie wildly to get attention is that they never check their facts:
So – just get rid of the nonsense and not necessary to shame the idiot who wanted a little limelight:

1. I don’t drive a Mercedes
2. I didn’t witness any of the drama – I barely left the office that day.
3. I don’t hire – at what point is it my decision whether or not someone gets hired at Radio Africa?

Like I said – the problem with liars is not knowing what they are talking about.

Here are the facts however as I laid them out on-air:

1. As sure as the sun will rise tomorrow – Public university fees will go up. The academic staff costs have gone up, the institution’s costs have gone up and even the non-academic staff have demanded more pay. The costs that have prevailed since the 90s don’t apply today and won’t in the future.
Fees will go up. Look for ideas and solutions not thuggery.

Until 1992/3 no-one would have thought there would be no “boom”. Yes there was the usual nonsensical stone throwing, but as sure as I am here today – boom is no more. Change is the ONLY constant thing in life.

2. Thinking as part of a crowd is suicidal. Degrees bare INDIVIDUAL NAMES, as do playslips, income tax returns, bank loans and even electricity bills. The sooner one learns to make decision about where they will be tomorrow the better.

3. The chaos, thuggery and nonsense on Tuesday was beneath any of the students of an institution of higher learning. If the residents of Kibera will no longer by used by any politician to result to chaos, why would you, who are privilege to be among the cream of academic society stope so low?”