rudish800 Metres Olympic and World record holder, David Rudisha is facing probably the most trying times of his career.

Rudisha has been off the track for almost a year due to a knee injury suffered in New York last year June. However, rumours have been doing rounds that he sustained the injury in a domestic brawl with his wife, Elizabeth Naanyu. Further claims also indicate that the 2010 IAAF World Athlete of the Year, has been having an affair with the niece of his long time pacesetter, Sammy Tangui.

According to a recent article by The Nairobian, Samantha Tangui, Rudisha’s ‘mpango wa kando’ is in her mid or late 20s, and the two have been involved romantically for three years. Rudisha’s wife it believed to have injured Rudisha as a result of the illicit affair.

Perhaps it’s time Jimmy Gathu and his calculator made a comeback.

Here are some photos of Samantha