Last week we wrote a piece on Nazizi’s ‘new catch’, Sappy speaking out on their relationship. In an interview with Pulse magazine, the 27 year old had this to say, “we met back in October when she came to Homeboyz to meet a famous producer who had been churning out hits. We met and talked about her intentions to have me produce her album. We did not meet again as she was still relocating to Kitengela from Lamu. We hooked up again in February and it has been bliss ever since.”

However, Nazizi has come out rubbishing claims that she was dating the music producer. In an interview with Nairobi News, the hip hop queen had this to say, “I want to talk about this once and for all. I’m not dating Sappy, we are just good friends and he has worked on my songs, that’s it.”

With that said, who would you believe, Sappy or Nazizi?