Mackelmore_RL-0100The trumpeter of premier international hip hop duo of Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, has his roots in Kenya.

Owuor Arunga, who has been on the group’s album Heist and tour, is featured in a behind the scenes video shot by Okay Africa TV where he talks about his Kenyan roots and how he ended up in Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ tour around the world.

In the interview, Arunga reveals that he moved to the US is 1993 when he was almost turning 10 years old. His father is Kenyan and mother is American. He describes his high school buddy Macklemore as “more of a provocative character than I was,” and due to the connection they had in high school he called him up saying he wanted to take the show to a whole new level, “I was like “Cool. That’s what’s up!”

Arunga continues by saying, “He explained to me, that he’s going to be rocking with a violin player and trying to add horns and I was like, “Alright! Let’s do that!’”.

Watch that interview below