On Tuesday, the IG banned holding of public rallies in the country indefinitely. David Kimaiyo has now distanced himself from his earlier announcement .

Sources reveal that the IG has asked organizers of rallies to choose venues away from places where Madaraka celebrations will be held on the 1st of June. In a telephone conversation with a local media house, he cited security concerns as the motive behind his latest controversial directive.

“You cannot go and hold a rally next to where celebrations are being held,” he argued. Appearing on a local television’s Tuesday evening news broadcast, Kimaiyo claimed that political rallies were not necessary since this was not a campaign period.

His remarks are however indicative of a police force overstepping its mandate by questioning the citizens’ basic freedoms and rights of expression and association.

This is the latest in a series of bans that the Inspector General has been imposing with the other being a ban on all tinted car windows. His previous ban was found to be illegal and unlawful by the courts.