egg– Open kitchen door. Kick bucket away towards sink to clear way to the cooker.

– Take frying pan. Scrap off remains from yesterday’s eggs.

– Pour oil on pan and place on the cooker then turn the cooker on.

– Look for eggs. Realize that none are available. Switch off cooker and
rush to the kiosk to get some.

– At the kiosk, remember you forgot the money. Tell Kiosk owner you’ll pay later. Ignore his complaint about none payment of yesterday’s eggs.

– Walk back to the house and switch the cooker back on. Then look for the stirring bowl. You’ll find it under a pile of dirty dishes.

– Walk to the sink and kick the bucket back to position in 1 above. Clean the bowl.

– Pick the eggs, then put them down again and properly rinse the stirring bowl.

– Put out the cooker. The pan is already smoking.

– Beat the eggs in a stirring bowl. Walk back to the cooker. Kick bucket back.

– Pour eggs into the pan.

– Relax and wait for eggs to cook.

– The pan should go silent after a while. Investigate the silence and you will notice after a few seconds that the cooker is off. Switch the cooker back on. Wait for side A to cook.

– Once you think side A is cooked, turn the egg to cook side B. Turn back to Side A to properly cook it. Then turn it. Look for a clean plate to place the cooked egg. You will find it at the top of the pile of dirty dishes. It will be the one with bread crumbs.

– Rush to sink, kick bucket back to position in 1) above and rinse the ’clean’ plate in the sink. Wipe remaining mark with T-shirt.

– Rush back to cooker, kick bucket and place the egg on the plate.

– Start eating egg as you walk out of the kitchen

– Walk back and put out the cooker.

-Sit and enjoy your bachelor’s egg.