ciCiku Muiruri is no stranger to controversy, especially as a result of her Facebook posts. She once caused quite a storm after posting a photo of herself in a swim suit.

This time, she is making headlines for another controversial deed, or rather statement. Writing on Facebook on Tuesday, Ciku appeared to make a mockery of the security search at the Junction mall.

My car bonnet was just searched at Junction. Si they also check underneath the car and under the seats then? NKT! What would they do if they found a rifle? Beat me with a baton?

Many of those who commented were not amused. One Kagwiria Riungu wrote,”Seriously ciku after what has been happening in the country you can afford to complain about getting checked!!!!”

Here are some of the other comments.

King’s Kairu – if u complain about tha bonnet what if they told u to step out for that?truth is they r less equiped n one cn nvr b perfect in security bt they only try to instil fear thus if guilty most wil get nervous

Anne Maitai – So you don’t want them to search YOUR car bonnet, or all cars?? Human beings are a menace to themselves….

Aileen K. Mutegi – Can you just appreciate any little thing being done for security reasons and since you are a public figure give ideas and criticize positively not sarcastically. Do you know how risky that job is? That askari is likely to be the first casualty incase of a rifle or bomb so lets be supportive of these searches and for those who are heard like you, give suggestions not mockery!!!!!

Meshack Bingi Makhisa – how I wosh upatikane in the mix na those will appreciate the work of those poor soldiers unadharau.stupid girl

Lawrence Maina – They should have Alcoblowed you too, you sound drunk.

Beatie Mso Steve – Ciku u should be ur fans role model. Let security people do their job and hopefully they get the culprits in time. Just sit n think of many whom we’ve lost thro terrorism. Little as it may seem can save lives.

Peter Peter – I have admired you for a very long time…but you shouldn’t talk of the security guards in a negative way. Those men and women screening you are parents somewhere just like you and are not guards by choice

Norah Mwende – Ciku, are you complaining??????????? Kenyans cannot be helped!! nkt