A colleague directed me to this site and I thought it would be appropriate to air my views here because from my understanding this site is damaging the names of me and my colleagues.

I guess me and my friends are now celebs because of what transpired last week. I would like to clear our names though. We were not caught having sex with a dog. We are students pursuing different high challenging courses and cannot lower our dignity for 3,000/- as purported by many bloggers and FB users. Right now we are undergoing Trauma and really need 2 be left in peace. 

On that material day, we had gone to the house of the mzungu for a party. The white man is the boyfriend 2 one of my colleagues. As the party was going on police all of a sudden busted in and started claiming we were acting porn. Seriously, the only camera that was rolling was a camcorder beloging to one of my friends and she was recording the ongoing of the birthday party. Kenyans please try and understand.

Celestine Nekesa (Pictured)

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