The world is getting back to normal. Businesses are reopening across the globe, which is good news for consumers and business owners alike. This is true for land-based casinos as well, which are springing back into action, allowing customers to enter their doors to play their favorite casino-style games. This is allowing them to now compete once again with online casinos. More about online casinos and sports betting sites can be found on comparison pages like this one.

A Global Event

Casinos across the globe are reopening their doors. This will be true in Africa as well, where it is expected that casinos in countries like South Africa and Kenya will reopen in early July. This, according to recent reports.

Some regions have been quicker to get back to business. The Philippines, for example, is drawing consumers from across the region. Many Chinese nationals are coming to the island nation to play at the POGO or a Philippine Offshore Gaming Operator. However, this has not come without controversy, as there are numerous reports of kidnappings and chaos as a result of illegal activity spawned by Chinese gamblers.

Just days ago, many European countries removed restrictions, allowing casinos to begin operations once again. This is viewed as an important step in revitalizing the economic situation in these countries where tourism is a significant portion of the revenue generated.

In the United States, reopening the land-based casinos has been a hodgepodge. Many tribal casinos were allowed to open throughout the month of May, but commercial casinos were not permitted to do so in some states until June 1. This occurred in Missouri, Delaware, Kansas, Connecticut, and Iowa. To date, 12 states have removed restrictions regarding commercial casinos and two additional states will be removing restrictions within the next few days.

A Different Story in Africa

In Africa, removal of restrictions will not occur until sometime in July at the earliest. In South Africa, for example, there are plans to allow customers to return to casinos once Covid-19 restrictions reach Level 3.

While restrictions will likely be removed in July, some worry that the closures will become a permanent thing for some casinos. The Palace of the Lost City at Sun City has been devasted by the lockdown, which was instituted at the end of March. Not only have they lost a significant amount of revenue, but the price per share of Sun International stock has dropped by 86%. The same is true of Tsogo Sun, which saw their shares plummet 82%.

A Bonus for Online Casinos

When land-based casinos reopen, it is expected that there will still be a number of restrictions that will be imposed. Many of the facilities which have reopened in the United States have been limited to the number of patrons they can allow to enter. This is true in many other parts of the world as well. Even with the facilities being open, the amount of revenue they may generate will be reduced greatly.

This is not true for online casinos. They have seen a dramatic increase in customer usage since the pandemic hit, as those who would normally visit a casino turned to the online options for entertainment. This has led to a dramatic increase in revenue for these sites. The advancements in technology and the ease of use have made them the perfect alternative for those who have been denied access to their favorite spot to gamble.

There have been many analysts who expect to see the numbers for these online casinos decline sharply once the land-based facilities spring back into action, but that does not appear to be the case. At least not at first.

With land-based casinos still facing a number of restrictions and the fact that many consumers will be fearful to go out to large gathering places, online casinos will likely continue to prosper. They will be seen as the safe alternative, especially for those who have found that playing at home has been just as enjoyable as physically going to a casino.

The Tide Not Likely Turning

There are a lot of national and local governments that are fearful of a huge spike in Covid-19 cases, and this will keep land-based casinos from being fully operational for months, maybe for as long as a year.

While Africa has not seen the kind of cases that other places on the globe have seen, leaders are still remaining cautious about reopening too soon. This is going to keep the numbers at casinos to about half capacity at best for quite some time. If that is enough of a customer base to keep these casinos viable remains to be seen, but it is definitely going to help the online casinos to thrive.