Moiben Sub County Administrator Joseph Karonei with KWS officials after they captured the stray lion

A section of women from Kapkoiga, Moiben sub-county in Uasin Gishu County are reportedly regretting the capture of a stray lion that had been roaming the area for one month.

The killer lion which had been terrorizing residents was captured last month following a 3-week search by a team of 17 KWS officers and police officers.

During the month-long nightmare, the lion had only mauled livestock, with residents taking measures to avoid human fatalities. For fear of their lives, residents in Moiben would report to their homes as early as 5 pm.

According to a report by the Standard, this turned out to be a blessing in a disguise for women whose husbands are notorious for arriving home late.

“Husbands in this area are in the habit of staying out till late, with some even sleeping in trenches in their drunken stupor. But the presence of the stray lion made them report home very early,” said a certain Cherono, who reportedly regretted that KWS captured the lion.

The publication further reports that some women fell short of hitting the streets to demonstrate, with some expressing disappointment in KWS.

“They would have let it roam free. This was a great deterrent to our men who are in the habit of loitering around the villages and in drinking dens till late. Many had reformed and some were even now controlling their drinking habit,” said another woman, Cherotich.

“We were chatting the other day with a group of women after a chama meeting and one joked that the presence of the stray lion in the area had made her at least get conjugal rights on a regular basis, since her husband was always home early enough,” she added.

Following the lion’s capture, men in Moiben area threw a night-long busaa party to celebrate reverting to their default settings.

Local brewers, too, were in seventh heaven saying they incurred huge loses for the weeks the lion had kept drunks away at night.