Police in Nakuru Wednesday launched a manhunt for the driver of NYS lorry [reg.GKB544G] who escaped after police caught him in the act of siphoning fuel.

According to reports, the driver had parked the National Youth Service lorry near Karonga trading centre and allowed a number of fuel theft suspects to siphon diesel from the lorry.

A pair of administration police officers who were on patrol near the area spotted the suspects loading the stolen fuel in 30-litre containers, which were to be transported in a waiting van of registration plate KAW 002H.

Upon seeing the two officers – sergeants Korir and Ndolo – the suspects on the ground ran away on foot, whereas the driver of the NYS lorry ignited the vehicle and sped off, K24 Digital reports.

Police recovered 160 litres of diesel and ten empty 30-litre containers, which were taken to Kamara assistant county commissioner’s office, where they were set on fire.

Police identified the chief suspect in the crime as one Mr Koskei, who is notorious for siphoning vehicle fuel. Authorities said he operates in Karonga, Kibunja, Kamara and Salgaa trading centres.

The suspect is also said to be connected to officers in Kuresoi North and often bribes them to protect him.