Singer Akothee has seemingly refused to stay in bed as ordered by her doctor after she collapsed on stage last weekend.

The self-styled ‘Madam Boss’ fainted while performing at the Luo Fest in Kisumu, with doctors prescribing 2-week bedrest as revealed by her manager Nelly Oaks on Sunday.

After just two days in bed, Akothee was back on her feet tending to her farm in Rongo despite having a persistent headache.

Taking to Instagram, the mother of five revealed that her doctor recommended she undergoes an MRI scan to establish the root cause of her headache.

But on a much lighter note, the singer joked that she probably needs ‘horizontal refreshments’, otherwise popularly known as ‘Twa Twa’.

You do know I can’t stay in bed, I took a walk to the farm, to ignore the headache. Sh** this head is bursting, doctor recommends I do an MRI 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔, nini imeingia kwa kichwa 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️ Maybe I need a real Twa Twa AMA?” Akothee posted.

In a subsequent post, Akothee noted that she was not seeking sympathy from her fans.

“Msinitukane pris, hata mimi nimeboeka. I miss you too👄 despite my condition, I am not seeking for sympathy, I just want us to carry on with our daily lives here on shoshomidia. Hiyo bedrest ignore, you know you are my friends, sasa huku nyumbani nitasumbua nani? Went to collect brayo and kevo 🤔😂😂”

The musician also flaunted her Rongo mansion saying that’s where she will be laid to rest when the time comes.

“See Where I will be buried when that time comes 😂 I have lived this life for real 💪mwanamke singol ni kujipanga! Ujipange ama maisha ikupange, ama upangiwe chaguo ni lako ⛔”