Former Kathiani MP Wavinya Ndeti has distanced herself from a Twitter account that appeared to condemn rapper King Kaka under her name.

The account purports to be Wavinya’s press team and goes by the [email protected] It was one of thousands of accounts that sent out tweets in response to King Kaka’s internet-breaking spoken-word piece ‘Wajinga Nyinyi’.

@WavinyaPress wrote: “King Kaka must be called out, you cannot abuse elected leaders simply because you want to seek relevance. We must draw the line on content creation. You can actually pass your message without dragging anyone disrespectfully.”

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Who did I abuse?

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The real Wavinya has dismissed the account noting she only has one Twitter account, @Wavinya_ Ndeti.

“I only have one twitter account which is known to everyone, it is not clear to me why some people are using my name to talk about things I don’t know,” she said.

“I believe the account is operated by individuals who are out to ruin my reputation and so I distant myself from anything posted under the aforementioned handle. I have reported the matter to the police to take quick action.”

The former Machakos Gubernatorial candidate said she was shocked when Kenyans started attacking her online over the tweet. She also faulted the media for using the fake tweets.

“It is wrong for the media to use fake tweets to paint me in bad light. They should have contacted me before believing these fake tweets.”

“I want the police to get to the bottom of this account, because I am fearing my opponents could be using them to tarnish my name,” she said told Standard.

On King Kaka’s sociopolitical song, Wavinya said she was yet to listen to it.

“Unless you tell me about it, I only hear people talk about a hard-hitting song by King Kaka but I haven’t listened to it,” she said.