A high school student is in police custody for the murder of her boyfriend in Bomet County.

The 18-year-old Form Two learner allegedly stabbed her 29-year-old boyfriend to death following a disagreement at Boito, Konoin.

Confirming the incident, Konoin police boss Alex Shikondi said the suspect had met the boyfriend at the market center where he worked as a shoe shiner.

According to witnesses, a quarrel then ensued with the student accusing her boyfriend of being unfaithful.

The suspect, in a fit of rage, is said to have bought a knife at a nearby shop and used it to kill the man.

She reportedly stabbed the unsuspecting man on the upper part of his neck, killing him instantly.

The man’s body was moved to Kapkatet mortuary.

The student is detained at Mogogosiek Police Station as investigations continue.