A middle-aged man was charged with robbery with violence after he allegedly robbed two women on Jamhuri Day in Nairobi’s Mathare area.

Brian Odhiambo, 23, was charged with robbing Catherine Mwikali Katiwa of a cellphone worth Sh 1,000, a flash disk and Sh500. He was additionally charged with handling stolen goods after he was found with the items.

The suspect was arrested after his father, James Ogutu, reported him to the police.

On the night of Jamhuri Day, Odhiambo is said to have arrived home in a drunken stupor with two mobile phones in a handbag ringing at the same time.

Reportedly, the suspect nearly slapped his father after he asked where he had gotten the items.

Mr Ogutu went to the police to report the matter leading to his son’s arrest. The upstanding father was listed as the key witnesses in the case.

Detectives received calls from Katiwa’s callers and informed them that she had been robbed of her phone.

While Ogutu traced the other woman who had been robbed by his son to recover her items.

The victims told police they were waylaid by armed men and robbed.

Appearing before Makadara Law Courts Senior Principal Magistrate Angelo Kithinji, Odhiambo denied all the charges.

The accused was released on a bond of Sh 500,000. Hearing of the case starts on April 23, 2020.