Residents of Molo Sirwe area in Mogotio Sub-County, Baringo County took matters into their own hands and captured a stray python after their pleas to the Kenya Wild Service went unheard.

On Monday evening, a seven-man group captured the 14-foot African Rock python and took it to the County Government offices in Kabarnet Town, where it was handed over to KWS officers.

The locals claimed the 100-kg reptile has been preying on their livestock. They also expressed their frustration at the “lack of county government’s intervention” to solve the perennial human-wildlife conflict in the area.

After spotting the reptile in a thicket in Molo Sirwe, the inhabitants jumped to action and captured it in an exercise that reportedly lasted five hours.

Attempts by the snake to constrict its captors were futile as the untrained men managed to pin it to the ground by pressing its tail.

Collins Chepkochei told K24 Digital that they tried as much as possible not to harm the python as they understood the importance of wildlife conservation.

Willy Chebet, another local who took part in the exercise, said a majority of them did not have snake-trapping skills, and were depending on “little knowledge” to carry out the risky operation.

After the snake was successfully constrained, a well-wisher offered to transport it to the headquarters of Baringo County Government located in Kabarnet Town, some 100 kilometres away.

Governor Stanley Kiptis was not in his office at the time.

Watch a short clip below, courtesy of K24 TV.