Nairobi County boss Mike Sonko says it’s only a matter of time before he announces his deputy.

While singing the same song he has been singing since the Nairobi Deputy Governor seat fell vacant in January, 2018, Sonko said he has identified a woman to replace Polycarp Igathe, who resigned citing frustrations from the governor.

Speaking during the launch of the BBI report on Wednesday, Sonko said he will appoint the “beautiful lady” once president Uhuru Kenyatta assents to the Assumption to the Office of Governor Bill.

According to Sonko, the said lady is ready to deputise him.

“I’ve got a very beautiful lady who is ready and immediately the presidents assents to that amendment bill, I’ll appoint my deputy governor,” said Sonko at the Bomas of Kenya.

The governor was heckled during the BBI launch after he started complaining to President Uhuru Kenyatta in his address.

Sonko, who had been invited to the podium by the Council of Governors chairman Wycliffe Oparanya, said there was a widow in Upper hill who needs help against land-grabbing cartels.

“Kuna widow ambaye bwana yake alikuwa chef ya baba yako.. tunaomba proposal yetu… kwa zile proposals tuweze ku deal na cartels…” he said.

As he said this, the delegates chanted “BBI”, “BBI” forcing Sonko to cut short his speech.

“Hataa hii mambo naongelelea ni BBI. Jana wakati hii report ilitolewa nilifurahi kwa sababau uliongelelea joblessness…” he asaid..

Sonko also faulted organisers of the event saying they had done a terrible job.

“…organiser wameanguka wote vile watu wanakaribishwa hapa ni mbovu… rais umekuwa ukinitetea sana nikidhulumiwa,” he said.