The ongoing beef between Kenyan producer Magix Enga and Bongo star Harmonize over the latter’s hit song ‘Uno’ has roped in celebrated Tanzanian hitmaker TID.

According to the ‘Zeze’ musician, Enga’s copyright claim over ‘Uno’ was uncalled for and disrespectful.

Speaking to Bongo 5,  a visibly angry TID claimed Enga’s decision was part of a larger conspiracy by Kenyan music acts against Tanzanian stars. He further threatened Magix Enga of unspecified consequences should he step foot in Tanzania.

“I don’t agree with this. This is greed and jealousy. I am aware of the issue and know the producer personally; he has totally erred. We had never heard of his song but when he realized that the beat had become successful considering that Harmonize released it, this k*d, Magix Enga, out of jealousy wants to soil the other person’s success,” said TID.

Adding: “How many beats are sampled every day? Even if he were to sing it himself, it will never be successful like Uno. Namwangalia huyu m***o Magix na namwambia siku moja utakuja Bongo na tu**********sha.

“As a Tanzanian, I can’t sit back and watch as he soils Harmonize. He has disrespected us. This is Kenyan propaganda, I know it well. They saw the song soar in popularity and want to pull our compatriot down. Even if he removes it from YouTube, it doesn’t help him.”

TID further claimed YouTube was being used to settle scores and were not considering the input made by the artist.