It is often claimed that ignorance is bliss but for one Kenyan on Twitter, this quote could not be more wrong.

Imagine for a minute that you just had a Eureka moment and you took to social media to thump your chest about how enlightened you are compared to other ‘information peasants’.

Unfortunately, your very useful information turns out to be a widely-known fact that’s simply unmissable like corruption in Kenya.

That’s exactly what happened to one Justus Ondieki who posted to Twitter that he found out cars imported to Kenya are second hand. To make matters worse for Ondieki, he said he was let in on the scoop by a certain Chinese.

A Chinese just confessed to me today that don’t think all these cars you see imported to Kenya are brand new, no, they are used cars. We drive used cars thinking they are new! 😂😂😂Second-hand cars…Don’t let the mileage lie to you! Habari ndo hiyo!” tweeted @JustOndieki.

Of course the ever unforgiving Kenyans on Twitter were not going to let it slide as they came out to burst Ondieki’s bubble in sarcastic fashion.

Some suggested that his info was too stale and he should return to Facebook where it is perceived that users are not usually in the know. Others wondered why it took a Chinese national to let the cat out of the bag.

Below are some reactions from the Twitter thread.