KCPE in progress (File Photo)

A primary school in Starehe is disputing the marks of one of its Std 8 pupils.

The unidentified candidate at Nairobi South Primary scored only 70 marks, but the school says that is not possible.

The school management said that the marks do not reflect the ability of the pupil, who scored an average of 311 marks in his last 3 internal exams.

“The results (KCPE) is showing he scored 14 marks in English, 14 in Kiswahili, 28 in Mathematics, 12 marks in Science and 02 marks in Social Studies,” the school said.

The management is planning to petition Kenya Nation Examination Council to re-mark the pupil’s papers.

The same school also filed a dispute last year, after unconvincing results by one of its pupils.