Reality television star Bridget Achieng has unapologetically defended her preference for rich men, saying that her private parts are expensive.

The former ‘Nairobi Diaries’ actress, born Lucy Achieng Okoth, was responding to her critics in a video on YouTube where she insisted that it’s not wrong for women to put a price tag on sex.

“Many times people have misjudged me because I love my men with a little cash, is it my fault that I get men who have money. Everyone has their choice, my privates are washed with very expensive soap, it is clean and very expensive,” said the socialite on her vlog.

Bridget further explained that her love for finer things in life does not make her a prostitute but she was not in the business of sleeping with men for free.

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The mother of one also addressed reports that she is pregnant for her baby daddy, whom she earlier claimed had abandoned her when she was three months pregnant.

Yaani kuna vitu nasoma hapa nachoka. ‘Is it true that you are pregnant again by your first baby daddy?’ Pregnant again? You guy, tumbo yangu ilikatwa tu juzi, sijapona.

“I am not pregnant again but to be honest, I want a house full of babies. A football club. Yaani I need babies or a rugby team. Ningekuwa naweza zaa watoto 12 ningezaa but unfortunately I can only be able to get four and the fourth one will be by God’s grace. So trust me, I’m gonna give you three more babies and no I’m not pregnant with my baby daddy,” she said.

Bridget also disclosed that her 9-month-old baby, Sekani, was doing great even though he stopped breastfeeding at just 3 months.

A few months ago, in a video addressed to her baby daddy, Bridget disclosed that the guy had asked her to abort.

“I got abandoned with the pregnancy at three months old. When you asked me to terminate my pregnancy when I was three months pregnant I was all alone, disturbed and depressed. I don’t know what made you go away, I don’t know what made you run away. I kept looking at myself in the mirror and asking ‘am I ugly?” said Bridget.