Tanzanian music act Juma Jux has come out to distance himself from claims that he had an affair with singer Ruby.

This comes days after the songbird announced she had separated with her baby daddy Kusah, whom she accused of being violent towards her.

According to Ruby, Kusah used to beat her up on the pretext that she was cheating with Diamond Platnumz and Juma Jux. This has resulted in Juma Jux being labeled as a homewrecker given that their friendship goes all the way back before Ruby was famous.

Speaking to Lil Ommy, Jux said it was unfortunate that he is being seen as the reason for Ruby’s breakup, and insisted that he has never had an affair with her.

Kwanza kabisa nasikitika sana inaonekana kwamba mimi ndio sababu. Najua mapenzi I’ve been kwenye mapenzi unajua alafu watu amabo wamekaa tena wana familia kuvunjika alafu unaambiwa wewe ndio sababu ni kitu amabcho si kizuri. Nasikitika kujua hivo kwa sababu sio hivo. Mimi na Ruby hatujawai kuwa na kitu hata ambacho kinakaribia kwenye kuwa na chochote cha kimahusiano zaidi ya Ruby najua ni msanii anafanya mziki mzuri,” he said.

Jux said that he knew Ruby when she worked at a studio owned by one of Tanzania’s producers called Bob.

When Ruby shot to stardom, Jux said he was lucky to have featured her in his Love album, which they recorded in the company of her then-boyfriend Kusah.

They met again at a show in Arusha where they shot the video for their song and since then, they had never met, until he started seeing paired pictures of them going viral.