The Kenya Civil Aviation Authority has once again reminded members of the public that the use of unmarked aircraft systems known as ‘drones’ is prohibited.

In a notice published in a local publication, KCAA cited a legal notice 76 signed on March 26, 2019, on the prohibition of drones.

”…includes operation of such drones by the public for video coverage, film making, surveillance, and any other interference with Kenyan airspace,” the notice signed by KCAA Director General Captain Gilbert Kibe reads in part.

If found guilty, one faces a jail term of not more than 12 months or a fine not exceeding Sh. 100,000 or both.

However, the regulations do not affect unmanned State aircraft, drones owned and operated by the government.

The aviation regulator did note that the prohibition of drones may be reviewed once regulations for their operations are put in place under section 2 of the Aviation Act of 2013.

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