One of the most popular Instagram personalities in Kenya is back like she never left.

Keroche Breweries heiress and Nero Company CEO Anerlisa Muigai came out of her social media detox Tuesday, November 26. This marks 5 weeks since she went MIA on Instagram for unspecified reasons.

While announcing her hiatus on October 17, Anerlisa only indicated that she would be back soon.

“Unfortunately I am going to disappear on you guys 🙈 but I will be back soon God willing…👋🏽. #PositiveVibesAlways.” She wrote.

On her highly anticipated return yesterday, Ms Muigai stepped out looking ravishing as usual as fans eagerly welcomed her back.

Anerlisa also acknowledged that she had gained weight during her 5-week break.

“Good Morning 🌞. Clearly my break got me gaining weight 🙈. How have you guys been?” she posed.

The photos and some reactions:

mishi_dorah:And I just thought about you yesterday.”

therealbellejacques: “❤️❤️❤️❤️Missed you.”

galwins: “Is this what we call complete package galore🔥”

loveuselisa: “Toa mkono.”

belahkim: “Of importance is twa twa🤣🤣🤣”

dorywaty: “Been good, and ur missed honey, n guess what, ts okay to gain a few, as long as u know what u gotta do to come back on track,😘😘😘”

felystarzmabera: “But you still look great 🔥”

halmamudy: “Btw you added weight but look pretty as always💕we miss you🤷💞”

lov_loko: “But you still look dope 😍💞….

wangechi_wainaina: “You still look great🔥🔥”

risscillacious: “We missed you girl… Weight or no weight tunakupenda bure.”

mutuse_: “Yenyewe this life is funny. On my end I’m struggling to gain that weight 😢”

lizzmbuthia: “That’s wat happiness does to you.”