Head of Radio at Milele FM, Alex Mwakideu, has revealed that his career dream was to become a tour guide and travel the world to party and have fun.

Mwakideu, like other young men who were born and raised in Mombasa, otherwise known as ‘beach boys’, also entertained the idea of meeting a wealthy European tourist to marry and relocate from Kenya.

He figured becoming a tour guide would be the best bet to lead a life of partying while getting paid at the same time.

Sikutaka kuwa kwa radio, nilikuwa nataka kuwa Tour Guide. Growing up in Mombasa kulikuwa na hii story ya unajua ukiwa tour guide utapata mama mmoja mzungu pale kidogo kidogo Ujerumani na hio story ya Kenya imeisha.

“So that was my dream, to become a tour guide nianze kuenjoy, partying. Unajua pia touring unaenda Maasai Mara, unapeleka watu huko Lamu na you enjoy as you earn your money. I didn’t do anything about it,” recalled Mwakideu in a recent interview.

However, his interest in drama during his school days led to an opportunity with a radio station that was looking for a drama actors.

Mwakideu said one Peter Musembi said he had a good voice and encouraged him to be a presenter. One day he got an opportunity to go on air and as they say, the rest is history.

So news reader alikuwa ameenda kucover story..the President is there and there is traffic he can’t make it. Nikaambiwa Mwakideu this is your time saa saba kamili. Nikapewa habari live nikaipiga kweli and when I came out the whole office was loud and excited,” he added.

Mwakideu attributed his 14 years success on radio to having good mentors and training with the best.