Gospel singer Bahati has gone out of his way to ensure that fellow musician Denno and his young family are well off.

Last week, in an episode of ‘Bahati Reality’, Denno and his wife opened up about the challenges they have been facing. Denno confessed that finances and commuting using public transport was his biggest challenge, given that he is blind.

Moved by their story, Bahati vowed to support Denno until he gains a standing ground in the gospel industry. The EMB Records founder has since jumped to action and gifted Denno a car.

The blue Nissan March vehicle was a combined effort between Bahati and three of his friends – Simon Kabu of Bonfires Adventures, Kevin Mulei of MoSound and Ben Muchimi of Jambo Pay.

An elated Denno said, “You don’t know what you guys have done, I can’t forget this gesture in my whole life, yaani siwezi sahau nyinyi ndo watu mmenitoka kwa Matatu. Each and evrry time nikiona hii gari nitakuwa nakumbuka I have to work hard, nitakuwa nakumbuka I have a reason to wake up every morning kutoka nje kutafutia mtoi wangu na wife wangu. God awainue sana”.

After presenting the car to Denno, Bahati said he was still not done helping as he vowed to assist Denno’s wife start a business.


Below is a video post of Denno receiving his car.

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TEARS AS #DENNO RECEIVES HIS FIRST CAR EVER 😢😢😢 Since Last Weeks Episode of #BahatiReality I have had sleepless Nights Thinking of how @DENNOMUSIC has had embarrassing Moments in Matatus Because Since his First hit Song his Life has never Transformed. But No matter the Fights I go through after helping different Artists God has still given me a Burden to Make Sure I don't Stop Until the African Child is Inspired. And Today I Cannot Believe that @DENNOMUSIC Dream of Owning a Car has Come True. Thank you to all My Fans for Supporting and Believing in Me since Day One. Because of Your Love and Support I'm able to Support others. And to Every One that has Taken my Burden to see #DENNO'S Life Change GOD WILL REPAY YOU🙏🙏🙏 (I'll Post & Talk about You Tomorrow)… Lakini Kwa Sasa @DENNOMUSIC Congratulations on your New Car go Change that Log book to Your Name CHAP CHAP!!! And Just to Let you know!!! As Long as God Is still Keeping Me On TOP!! I Bahati Will Support Your Music and Stand with You Until your Great Musical Gift Reaches all Conners of this Earth. TO GOD BE THE GLORY #IamShaddingTearsOfJoy 😢😢😢

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