Gospel musician Kambua has reflected on her pregnancy experience by compiling a list of the things she misses and doesn’t miss about having a bun in the oven.

Taking to Instagram on #ThrowbackThursday, the Citizen TV presenter listed 5 things she misses and 6 things she doesn’t miss about being pregnant.

5 Things Kambua Misses

The ‘Rauka’ host penned:

Throwback! Here are a few things I miss about being pregnant, as well as what I DON’T miss,

1. I miss being able to eat food without people judging my portions,

2. I miss being offered a seat wherever I went, or ushered to the front of the line

3. I miss my husband rubbing my feet

4. I miss not having to suck in my tummy when taking pictures,

5. I really miss my baby’s kicks

6 Things Kambua Doesn’t Miss About Pregnancy

1. I DON’T miss being hungry all the time

2. I don’t miss being very sleepy all day

3. I don’t miss having to sleep with so many pillows!

4. I don’t miss turning around like a truck in my sleep

5. I don’t miss all day sickness in my first tri.

6. I don’t miss the anxiety of constantly wondering if baby is ok

That’s not an exhaustive list, but I’m curious to know what you miss or don’t miss about being pregnant. Your turn” wrote Kambua.

The singer and her husband Pastor Jackson Mathu welcomed a bouncing baby boy named Nathaniel Muhoro Mathu  in September after 7 years of marriage.