Fast-rising Gengetone stars Ochungulo Family say they are here for the long run and aren’t going to change their controversial style of music.

Two of the group’s members – Benzema and Nelly The Goon- said contrary to reports, Gengetone is not saturated as a result of the massive influx of budding singers doing Gengetone genre of music.

“When we started, we didn’t know we were going to come this far. Even though many of us are doing this genre, we are here to stay. Our industry is not saturated. As you’ve seen, Kenyans are now playing our own, thanks to Gengetone,” they told Word Is.

Nelly and Benzema also spoke about the criticism of their vulgar lyricism by some industry stakeholders, saying they have a targeted audience.

“As much as our kind of music sells, we have our own audience, the people who want to listen to that kind of content,” Nelly said.

Through this music, we’ve also been able to pay a whole year’s fees for Happiness, the girl who came with the slang ‘Mbingijii imekulwa na ndogii’.”

On a lighter note, Benzema spoke about his political aspirations in 2022; he wants to be an MCA in Lang’ata.

“I will vie in 2022. When that happens, I’ll legalise weed,” he joked.