Here are some of today’s top stories.

Trump’s private fury over impeachment spills into the public

When President Donald Trump erupted in rage during two appearances Wednesday, it foreshadowed a dark and unsettled impeachment season ahead.

Any war between the US and Iran would be a catastrophe. And no one could win it

US President Donald Trump’s recent decisions to avoid military action against Iran in the face of tactical humiliation and strategic threats have been smart, subtle and ethically unimpeachable.

Trump sought to use new allies in debunking Russia investigation

When two key US allies — the United Kingdom and Australia — elevated conservative prime ministers, President Donald Trump didn’t just see a diplomatic opening. He also saw a political one.

US officials assess North Korea launched a medium-range missile

The US has assessed that North Korea tested a medium-range missile on Wednesday local time. It was fired from a launcher placed on a floating barge off the coast of the country, according to two US officials familiar with the latest assessment.

Airplanes to get cameras outside restrooms

(CNN) – Overhead luggage bins that illuminate in red when they’re full, an airplane seat tailored to your personal position preferences, seat belts that alert cabin crew when they’re unbuckled. And cameras outside restrooms. This, according to Airbus, is what the airplane cabin of the very near future will look like.

The best around-the-world cruises for 2020

(CNN) – Back in September 1522, an 85-ton carrack barely larger than a modern leisure yacht became the first ship to successfully complete a circumnavigation of the globe. The hazardous journey, which began with a fleet and ended with one lone vessel, saw the deaths of at least 50 crew members, including the original captain.

A zebra escaped from the circus and was shot dead on a highway

A zebra that ran away from a circus in Germany was shot dead on a highway after causing traffic accidents and “material damage,” police confirmed Wednesday.

Mounted officer said ‘this is gonna look really bad’ before leading an arrested man down the street in Galveston

A mounted Galveston police officer said “this is gonna look really bad” shortly before he escorted a handcuffed man down the street by a line.

Fortnite’s Tim Sweeney enters Forbes 400 list for the first time

Gamers aren’t the only ones making money off Fortnite – so is its owner, Tim Sweeney.

FAA to test evacuation safety as fliers get bigger and seats get smaller

The United States’ (CNN) – Federal Aviation Administration will run tests in November to see whether plane evacuations can be conducted safely in an emergency, as lawmakers worry that seat configurations are too tight for modern passengers. The 12-day series of tests, which will involve 720 volunteers, is scheduled to take place at the Civil Aerospace Medical Institute in Oklahoma City.

Pence’s Team Is Trying To Distance Itself From The Ukraine Scandal

Vice President Mike Pence’s team continues to distance their boss from the unfolding scandal surrounding President Donald Trump’s July 25 call with Ukraine’s president, this time in a story published by The Washington Post about what the vice president knew about the call.

In The End, Nixon Walked Away For The Good Of His Party. Would Trump?

When the end came and Republicans told him they could not save him, President Richard Nixon agreed to walk away, in large measure for the good of his party. Forty-five years later, what might the GOP expect from its current president accused of trying to rig a presidential election in his favor, should Donald Trump ‘s standing deteriorate to a similar level?

Biden To Trump On Ukraine: ‘You’re Not Going To Destroy My Family’

Former Vice President Joe Biden went hard after Donald Trump on Wednesday, calling him out for “repeatedly smearing” him and his family amid the controversy over the president’s July call with the leader of Ukraine.

Democrats Say Trump Administration Used Misinformation To Attack U.S. Diplomat

WASHINGTON, Oct 2 (Reuters) – Democrats accused the Trump administration on Wednesday of using “propaganda and disinformation” to attack the former U.S. ambassador to Ukraine and demanded that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo explain how the material circulated at top levels of his department.

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau Has A Brienne of Tarth Doll Proudly Displayed In His Home

Jaime Lannister may have chosen Cersei on ” Game of Thrones,” but the actor who played him is clearly Team Brienne. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, who portrayed one part of television’s ickiest couple, recently shot a video of his Los Angeles home for Architectural Digest (above), which was published Tuesday.

The Finnish President Looking ‘Finished’ With Trump Is Twitter’s Newest Meme

Finnish President Sauli Niinistö was giving off “send help” energy during a joint news conference with President Donald Trump on Wednesday. During what seemed to be an extended tirade, the president fired off an extensive tweetstorm before the meeting, then gave 17 minutes of monologues to reporters in an Oval Office meeting while Finland’s president sat quietly.

Microsoft drops powerful new Surface Pro X

Sure, Microsoft’s new Surface Pro 7, which the company unveiled Wednesday in New York City, looks nice. But Microsoft had a surprise up its sleeve. Later during its big hardware event, it dropped the new Surface Pro X. It boasts a 13-inch screen, Surface Slim Pen, and the powerful new Surface SQ1 chip it developed with Qualcomm.

Seth Meyers breaks down all the very sane, stable ways Trump is expressing his impeachment feelings

If you thought the late night hosts had a mammoth job summing up all the wild shit Trump tweeted over the weekend, then strap in, because Seth Meyers has taken A Closer Look at 24 hours of Trump totally handling this impeachment inquiry like the calm, rational, stable genius he keeps claiming to be.

Instagram makes its bully-blocking feature available to everyone

Instagram is now giving all its users access to its newest anti-bullying feature. The app will now let everyone who uses its app selectively choose to “restrict” users who are engaging in bullying behavior.

Forget Windows Phone. Microsoft just revealed a dual-screen Duo phone.

Microsoft shocked the crowd at its big hardware event Wednesday by revealing a dual-screen Android phone named the Surface Duo. Unlike the Samsung Galaxy Fold, it doesn’t have a flexible screen that folds. Instead, Duo has two separate 5.6-inch screens, which can be folded against each other on a hinge.

Mike Pompeo awkwardly accepts a block of cheese from Italian reporter

An unexpected cheese gift sounds wonderful, but it’s not good in all cases, apparently. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was in Rome, Italy, on Tuesday to meet with Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte as part of his four-country European tour.

Finland’s president seemed very unhappy to be sitting next to Trump

Finnish President Sauli Niinistö just gave off some big Get Me Out Of Here Energy during a meeting with President Trump, and it looks like everyone noticed.