Taking a break from social media can be one of the hardest things to do in this day and age but it has become a common theme for internet users, especially celebrities, to shut off the noise on social media for one reason or another.

For most celebs, a social media hiatus is usually during moments of transition, depression, vulnerability, or crisis. It is no wonder that netizens went wild with speculation after popular media personality Lillian Muli announced a break from social media.

Taking to Instagram, the mom of two said she will be gone for a while but assured her fans that everything is fine.

“Taking a break from social media. All is well. Be back soon. Keep shinning y’all,” she wrote, adding; “Just taking a Break to reboot. Love you all. See you soon.”

This however did not stop some of Muli’s over 790K followers from jumping to conclusions about why she is taking a break.

Some suggested that Muli might be pregnant with her third child while others intimated that all is not well in her relationship, given her previous drama with her infamous “community husband” Jared Nevaton.

Here are some sampled reactions:

shikomathia: “Hope all is well, stay blessed.”

limocynedick_chumbaa: “I know u will b back after 9 months anyway will miss u alot swree byeee✋”

kigensky: “ni mimba ingine ama??🙌”

indecheb: “Najua tu unaenda gym…”

iamdennodee: “For 9 months yotee”

alsinnah: “u better not come back empty handed.”

merryl_lisa: “Ukienda ndio vitu hukuwa different kwa ground.FOMO will kill you😂😂😂”

wigbunny: “Babymoon 🤱”

wesleymetine: “😂😂😂😂have your drinks and come back.”

vicktar254: “Tunakujua mum hizi hand writing zako nikama umejam.”