Kiambu County residents fed up with how the county is being run have started an initiative to remove embattled governor Ferdinand Waititu from office.

Through a lobby group dubbed ‘Okoa Kiambu’, the residents on Wednesday, October started collecting signatures that will initiate a petition to oust ‘Baba Yao’ should it sail through to the County Assembly.

Okoa Kiambu aims to collect 200, 000 signatures in all 60 wards and has already collected over 50,000, said coordinator Hoswell Kinuthia.

Speaking after launching the exercise in Kiambu town, Mr Kinuthia said the move was in response to a court order barring Governor Waititu from accessing his office due to the Sh588 million graft case that he is facing.

Mr Kinuthia claimed service delivery in the county has been affected due to the governor’s absence.

Things are bad on the ground. Hospitals have no medicine and key services are not being provided. Things cannot continue like this and a solution must be found quickly to seal the loophole created by the power vacuum,” said Kinuthia.

“We have collected about 50,000 signatures and it is our hope that our petition will see the light of day once we take it to the County Assembly. We are appealing to members of the county assembly to support the petition once it comes to the assembly for the sake of the people,” he added.

Lobby group member Wanja Wagichungumwa called on fellow residents to sign the petition.

“We do not know how long the case facing the governor will take. It may take five or more years and during all this time we need service delivery and development. It is now almost three years since we went to the last election and nothing much to show on the ground in terms of development,” said Wanja.