Comedian Oga Obinna finally settled his bet against Anto Neosoul as he walked around the Nairobi city center dressed in a wedding gown.

The radio co-hosts of the newly launched Nation FM Drive show had set a wager prior to the INEOS challenge marathon in Vienna.

According to the terms of the bet, if Eliud beat the 1:59 time barrier, Obinna would have to wear a wedding dress and walk around the CBD. He would also have to part with Sh50,000 as well as pay a photographer/videographer to capture the walk in the city.

As you already know, Eliud Kichoge remarkably did his bit, and it was Obinna’s turn on Monday to do his bit, even though he initially claimed the bet was rigged.

Before their show, Obinna took to the streets in a wedding gown, causing quite the spectacle for city dwellers who wondered what as happening.

At some point, the radio presenters had to explain to passersby about their bet and invited them to take selfies with Obinna.

“I paid my DEBT IN FULL @antoneosoul Your day will come. We all know I didn’t lose the bet about ELUID KIPCHOGE running for 1:59 or less. It’s okay!!” wrote Obinna on his Instagram.

The comedian also published photos and a video of his walk of shame in the Nairobi city centre. Check them out below.