The new wave of Gengetone music is the gift that keeps on giving.

The sensational street anthems by the newest generation of rappers have been coming thick and fast, and they have barely disappointed. Seeing different music acts coming together on a single project has also been a sight to behold as the likes of Ochungulo Family(my personal favorite), Ethic, Sailors, continue to turn the Kenyan music industry on its head.

Another sizzling banger by different musicians has come in the way of ‘Bad Gyal’, a project by the overworking producer Magix Enga featuring rapper King Kaka, dancehall hitmaker Dufla, Genge group The Kansoul, and Gengetone stars Odi wa Murang’a and Exray.

‘Bad Gyal’ audio is produced by Magix Enga while the video was shot and directed by Johnson Kyalo.

Watch below. Rating 7.5/10.