Self-declared President of single mothers, Akothee, wants the country as a whole to turn to God in prayer and worship because “the devil is awake”.

The musician, in a heartfelt post on social media, said it has been a long time since Kenyans came together to pray for the nation. The mother of five observed that all is not well in the country as Kenyans have turned a blind eye to God.

Akothee revealed that there are many Kenyans reaching out to her saying that they want to commit suicide.

According to the musician, 2019 has been a difficult year but the devil will not win against God’s people. She proposed that Kenya dedicates a day or two for worship and thanksgiving.

“WHERE SHOULD WE GATHER FOR WORSHIP AND PRAYERS. IT CAME INTO MY DREAM 🙏🙏🙏 Put your opinions aside and look at when lastly we dedicated the country to God. Let’s all gather and give thanks and praise to God for all that we have gone through the whole year!🙏🙏 My inbox is full of people wanting to commit suicide for reasons best known to them. Oooh Lord where did we go wron !🙏 Yes it’s been tough though, this year has not been easy, the devil thinks he will win, and we say(NO, HE CAN NOT WIN THE BATTLE THAT DOESNT BELONG TO HIM FOR THE BATTLE HE IS FIGHTING IS NOT HIS IN JESUS NAME 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 BE BLESSED AND let’s MAKE IT HAPPEN.”

The singer said God is trying to tell Kenyans something and they should take heed.

God is telling Kenyans something through the things happening but we are so blind and full of negative energy that has blocked us. Just like we declare every day a holiday, lt Kenya dedicate a day or two for worship and thanksgiving. The devil is awake,” Akothee concluded.