Kenya’s former Minister of Justice Martha Karua is crying for justice after she lost her luggage aboard a British Airways plane.

The Narc Kenya party leader was traveling from Edinburgh City in the U.K to Nairobi, Kenya on October 26, 2019, when the incident happened.

Through a complaint lodged to the British Airways Customer care service desk via email, the former MP said she lost her carry bag after one of the officers at the Heathrow boarding station claimed it was too big for the cabin.

“My journey started at Edinburgh Airport where I checked in one bag through to Nairobi and remained with a carry bag,” said the vocal MP, nicknamed Iron Lady.

“She claimed that it was too large for the cabin. I did not resist. She issued me with a baggage tag promising to ensure that it was taken on board,” Karua continued.

“I had previously travelled with the said bag as hand luggage from Nairobi to Edinburgh in 2017 without any problems.”

According to Karua, the taking of her bag was ‘discriminatory, high handed and unjustified”. She said that she was forced to attend an important meeting in Addis Ababa without documents that were in the bag.

“I travelled to the meeting without my vital documents and necessities contained in my missing bag. “The taking of my bag at the boarding gate by your staff was not only unjustified but also discriminatory and high handed,” she alleged.

Karua further claimed that there were other passengers with bags of similar size and that there was enough space for her bag as the Nairobi bound flight was half empty.

“In any event, my said bag had fitted in the overhead cabin without any problem in the immediate previous flights outlined above. Additionally, the Nairobi bound flight was half empty. There was plenty of space for my bag as well as others.. my bag was not overweight.”