Former Isreali diplomat turned singer Gilad Millo opened up about his addiction to smoking revealing that he used to smoke up to 2 packs of cigarettes in one day over a period of three decades.

Speaking during an interview with Betty Kyallo, the ‘Nakuahidi’ singer said his addiction turned out to be a costly affair as he spent Sh20 million on cigarettes.

Noting that it was a difficult lifestyle, Gilad said he had difficulties breathing and taking a flight of stairs.

I was not a big drinker and it’s not like I quit. I still have beer or wine every once in a while. It used to be like you’d go out so you drink. I don’t do that anymore. But the reason behind it was the quitting of smoking. I used to smoke cigarettes, I got up to two packets a day for 30 years. There’s 20 cigarettes in a pack, so I’d smoke over 40 cigarettes a day for 30 plus years. I smoked on and off.

“I don’t think there’s anything worse for you in this world like smoking, it’s a killer. Back then I would go upstairs breathing, coughing, you know you wake up every morning cough and such and it’s a very difficult life. I would plan meeting only in places where I could have a cigarette. Otherwise, I couldn’t even concentrate on the meeting. Today it’s like being born again,” narrated Gilad.

The singer’s turning point started when he visited his mother in Israel and she paid for a seminar that Gilad was initially reluctant to join.

My mum was forever on my case for smoking and one time I visited Israel and she was like ‘my gift I’m treating you to this seminar, I’m paying you just go’ and I said mum you’re wasting your money I’ll never quit… we calculated when I did the seminar and in my lifetime I spent approximately 15-20 million on cigarettes. Do the math, 30 years of buying this poison, I ended up spending a house,” he said.

Last November, Gilad disclosed that he was six months clean. He is now closing in on one year without a puff of tobacco.