Four months after the new generation banknotes were introduced, members of the public have started raising questions about the durability of the sleek new currency.

A section of Kenyans has observed that the new currency notes are ageing rather quickly and they have raised concerns over their quality.

Despite being relatively new in the market, some of the notes look worn out and the Central Bank of Kenya has been forced to ask the public to handle them carefully.

In a post on Twitter, CBK noted that the notes have undergone a ‘rough initiation’ in the first few months.

“In the first few months, our new banknotes are going through a rather rough ‘initiation’.

“But we hope that Kenyans will handle the currency properly,” said CBK on Wednesday.


CBK also announced the successful completion of the demonetization of the older series Sh1000 notes.

7,386,000 pieces of older Sh1000 notes were rendered worthless at the end of the exercise.

Here are some reactions from Kenyans on Twitter;